Birthday Cake Toppers

A friend asked me where I get all my ideas for designs. I’m afraid I cannot take full credit for them, as much of the inspiration comes from my customers. A tandem bike ornament was purchased a few months ago and later the woman sent me a photo of it atop of her beautiful wedding cake! From there I started “tagging” the tandem ornament as a “wedding cake topper”. A few sales later I had a special request to add the people riding the tandem. After that came a request to add the couple’s names. The cutest idea was from the person that wanted a veil and tophat on the riders…that  one took the cake!

From the wedding cake toppers evolved the idea for the birthday cake toppers. So far I have only sold one, but remember making them in the past for my daughter’s bd cakes. Can’t wait to see how this idea progresses!!!