Painting Party at Viva Vida!

An amazing time was had at the Viva Vida Art Gallery last night. We celebrated Allison’s birthday in this beautiful venue in the heart of the Pointe Claire Village.   We were surrounded by contemporary art with fabulous music in the background. Allison began painting on the plain canvas, followed by her sons Eric and Padraic. Friends added images in their personal style all the while integrating the sections into one unified whole. This was a truly unique experience and a fabulous idea for networking meetings, ice-breakers, motivational sessions and creative workshops! Contact Nedia at for more information!


Motorcycle Madness!

This special request came from a fellow We2 member (Women’s Networking Group in Montreal… ) Louise needed a gift for a friend’s 50th birthday. I had brought the tandem bike wedding cake topper to show the group, so she was inspired!                                                    This one is actually a Suzuki Bandit…had to look it up on Google to get it right. Reminded me of years ago, I had made a Harley Davidson pin for a man that found me selling at the Merivale Mall in Ottawa. When he came to pick up the pin he was so disappointed because it wasn’t a Harley (it didn’t have the “V” engine!) I got him to sketch out the details and went home that night to make another one. The next day he was pleased with the results and I am happy to have that crazy story to tell!