Visit to the World of Threads Festival in Toronto

I was so overwhelmed with beauty and creativity during my trip to Toronto for the World of Threads Festival.
A bus tour included a visit to three venues with an incredible variety of fibre art, sculpture and fibre-inspired work.
I wanted to bring my daughter home a souvenir of Toronto, but didn’t want a made-in-China quick buy. On the train ride home I decided to make her a gift inspired by what I saw in the Festival. I had a vintage checkered Kleenex in my purse and formed it into a tiny dress, binding it with a thread from my scarf. I was able to create a gift box with a subscription card from my Canadian Art magazine. Myriam loved her gift and ended up having a great weekend with her dad and her friends while I got my Art-fix!


Myriam’s Dress

My daughter had to make a dress out of recycled materials for her grade 11 Art class. She started by covering the dress form with duct tape (sticky side out) then covering the tape with bits of fabric and ribbons. She then secured the bits down with a layer of clear ‘mailman’ tape. She discovered that the dress was too heavy and shapeless, so she cut off the skirt part and replaced it with a round dollar store tablecloth. To integrate the skirt with the top part she hung a few bits of fabric and ribbons to match the top. The dress turned out FANTASTIC and she hopes to wear it to the next vernissage at the Viva Vida Art Gallery!Image