Steampunk Wedding Cake Topper

My daughter Myriam and I did a fieldtrip downtown Montreal to visit the Fresh Paint Gallery: and were inspired by some amazing street art inside the exhibition space, an abandoned building on Ste. Catherine Street.
Together we created this Wedding Cake Topper in a goth/steampunk style. I crafted the skulls out of polymer clay and Myriam painted them with acyrlic paint. The top hat is made of fun foam and the veil is netting. Myriam designed the figures with odds and ends from my magic suitcase and I fixed them together with wire. This one-of-a-kind topper is available for sale in my Etsy shop:…but maybe not for long!


Twine Couple Cake Topper

Twine Couple Cake Topper

This design was a special request from Grettel! She is planning a country style wedding and wanted something with a rustic feel. It is made of wire and wrapped in twine. I also sell the same design in plain wire, personalized with the couple’s names. I won’t be mass producing these babies since they are very labour intensive, but it was a fun and challenging project!

Click on the image to see the listing in my Etsy shop.

New Wedding Cake Toppers on Etsy

Birthday Cake Toppers

A friend asked me where I get all my ideas for designs. I’m afraid I cannot take full credit for them, as much of the inspiration comes from my customers. A tandem bike ornament was purchased a few months ago and later the woman sent me a photo of it atop of her beautiful wedding cake! From there I started “tagging” the tandem ornament as a “wedding cake topper”. A few sales later I had a special request to add the people riding the tandem. After that came a request to add the couple’s names. The cutest idea was from the person that wanted a veil and tophat on the riders…that  one took the cake!

From the wedding cake toppers evolved the idea for the birthday cake toppers. So far I have only sold one, but remember making them in the past for my daughter’s bd cakes. Can’t wait to see how this idea progresses!!!