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I am very honoured to be one of the first 100 teachers on a great new interactive learning website called Curious.com.

Time magazine lists Curious in their top 50 sites for 2013: “This brand-spanking-new site aims to provide an uncommonly inviting place to teach and be taught. Instructors can upload video on any subject — be it salsa dancing or making glogg — then divvy it into lessons. Unlike YouTube, Curious lets teachers choose to charge for lessons, features an oversized playback window and generally feels friendly and constructive. There are no creepy comments from anonymous YouTubers here, and the site’s proprietors currently approve teachers and eyeball content to ensure that these online classes are, well, classy.

Check out my first video for making a beaded pendant…just in time for Mother’s Day!




Make your own mini donuts!

This cool craft was an idea from the book “Tiny Treats” we saw at the American Girl store in Boston. My daughter Myriam and I had a blast making a bunch as gifts for her teachers. Tim Hortons graciously shared our photo on their Facebook Fan Page. You can see the photo amongst their Facebook photos at: https://www.facebook.com/TimHortons/photos_stream (scroll past the Halloween 2012 photos).
Please note that the Tim Hortons logo is used strictly for non-commercial purposes only. Myriam filmed the DIY video that can be seen on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENZM1om19wQ&feature=channel&list=UL

DIY Wedding Favors

We were very happy to go to Marc’s nephew’s wedding on the weekend. His brother made all the wedding favors himself. The napkin holders were crafted out of forks. Each one was bent using plyers and brute strength (no torch required). Our love of everything wire gave us a special appreciation for this very artistic wedding souvenir. The sequins were glued onto the finished piece and a tag with names and date printed with the computer. FABULOUS!

Guitar Pick Earrings

In honour of my niece, who is moving out West with her musician boyfriend, I have made up some new designs for guitar pick earrings! I have many music themed items in my online Etsy shop: