Google Finds

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Every now and end I surf the web and find photos of our wedding cake toppers. Here is a few:


Hello Reality TV!

tlc 4 weddings collageI was delighted when Nancy, one of our kind Etsy customers, contacted us to say she had seen one of our tandem wedding cake toppers on the TLC reality TV show “Four Weddings”. We don’t have cable, so I searched on-line and finally purchased the episode on iTunes: Season 7 episode 7…”And a Pilgrim”. Thank you to Lynette and Nathan for purchasing the topper and including it in your beautiful, fun wedding.

What I know!


After another inspirational We2 breakfast meeting ( I was motivated to do a blog post in their theme of the day “What I know”. There were so many inspiring ideas by so many dynamic women this morning. The big idea that I hold onto after all these years making jewellery, arts & crafts and Art is “Never Give Up!”. I have been making wire jewellery for 22 years. After getting my Fine Arts degree I worked in graphic design for one year then realized that I never wanted to be under the creative thumb of a boss. I left my job, my friends and my apartment in Toronto for a new life in Montreal.I began by selling on the street and over the years have sold to boutiques and at craft shows. All the while I took on part-time jobs to supplement my income, many of them creative (teaching art, doing crafts at birthday parties, educating in a daycare). It’s only in the last two years that our business has taken off thanks to the internet and social media. Although paying off our mortgage is a perk, I have the same degree of creative satisfaction that I have had for the past 22 years. I never questioned what I was doing all these years. I just knew I wanted to do something creative. It’s all about doing what you love and being true to yourself and your passions. Never give up on what you love. That’s what I know! 

Twine Couple Cake Topper

Twine Couple Cake Topper

This design was a special request from Grettel! She is planning a country style wedding and wanted something with a rustic feel. It is made of wire and wrapped in twine. I also sell the same design in plain wire, personalized with the couple’s names. I won’t be mass producing these babies since they are very labour intensive, but it was a fun and challenging project!

Click on the image to see the listing in my Etsy shop.