My pre-school Art

When studying Fine Art at the University of Guelph I entered some of my paintings that I had done before entering kindergarten into their annual Juried Art Show. Of the series “A Preschool Child’s Freedom of Expression”, the darker landscape-ish piece won honourable mention. My painting prof, Elton Yerex, wasn’t too thrilled to hear that I had made the piece as a child. The show was 25 years ago. Now it is common place to see the value in children’s art and even to commercialize it. All I know is that it is the best work I’ve ever created!!


Autumn is in the Air!

The beautiful Canadian autumn colours are the inspiration behind these new mixed media art cards available at the Viva Vida Art Gallery in Montreal.

Painting Party at Viva Vida!

An amazing time was had at the Viva Vida Art Gallery last night. We celebrated Allison’s birthday in this beautiful venue in the heart of the Pointe Claire Village.   We were surrounded by contemporary art with fabulous music in the background. Allison began painting on the plain canvas, followed by her sons Eric and Padraic. Friends added images in their personal style all the while integrating the sections into one unified whole. This was a truly unique experience and a fabulous idea for networking meetings, ice-breakers, motivational sessions and creative workshops! Contact Nedia at for more information!