Looking back to 1989.

My first summer in Montreal was spent selling jewelry on the streets of Ste. Catherine, Prince Arthur and in Old Montreal. I experimented with a lot of ideas. One of the projects I worked on was making jewelry out of pieces of my old bicycle. I had taken the bike apart for a final project in the Fine Art Department at the University of Guelph. Shown in the photos are a necklace, ring and “toilet” brooch. Let’s just say there was a reason I was making only $3 a day!!!


Blast from the Past!

Posting a wedding cake topper with little wire figures on a swing reminded me of my first wire designs made while selling on the Street in Old Montreal, Prince Arthur Street and Phillips Square in 1989. I was selling hand-painted buttons, clothing and accessories and making no money ($3 on my first day). I met Marc-André towards the end of that summer and he introduced me to the wire medium. He was selling wire bike sculptures on Prince Arthur Street and was hugely successful. We were selling

beside each other in Old Montreal one day. Not able to speak the same language, he handed me a piece of wire and I twisted it into something that impressed him enough to take my phone number…and the rest is history!!! Here are a few photos from the early days, including my very first display that I lugged on the Metro to Prince Arthur from NDG on my very first day!