Myriam’s Dress

My daughter had to make a dress out of recycled materials for her grade 11 Art class. She started by covering the dress form with duct tape (sticky side out) then covering the tape with bits of fabric and ribbons. She then secured the bits down with a layer of clear ‘mailman’ tape. She discovered that the dress was too heavy and shapeless, so she cut off the skirt part and replaced it with a round dollar store tablecloth. To integrate the skirt with the top part she hung a few bits of fabric and ribbons to match the top. The dress turned out FANTASTIC and she hopes to wear it to the next vernissage at the Viva Vida Art Gallery!Image


More bike parts!

My daughter and I were tinkering with some bike parts to make a gift for the owner of the General Hardware Gallery in Toronto. She came up with an amazing design for a bolt bunny! She had made the washer bike a while back.

Looking back to 1989.

My first summer in Montreal was spent selling jewelry on the streets of Ste. Catherine, Prince Arthur and in Old Montreal. I experimented with a lot of ideas. One of the projects I worked on was making jewelry out of pieces of my old bicycle. I had taken the bike apart for a final project in the Fine Art Department at the University of Guelph. Shown in the photos are a necklace, ring and “toilet” brooch. Let’s just say there was a reason I was making only $3 a day!!!

Hot Dogs!

I saw the cutest plush weiner dogs in a toy store before Christmas and was determined to make my own. Originally I had the idea to get a plush dog at a bazaar or dollar store and simply cut him down the middle and insert a funky tube sock to elongate his body. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any dogs that looked remotely like a dauchschund so I had to start from scratch. The smaller dog is made with polar fabric and socks and the larger sock is 100% recycled socks and tights!

Getting Viral on Youtube!

I was very surprised the other day when I noticed my Youtube video had over 2000 views! Now I am motivated to make more How-to Videos…coming soon! Talk about Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame!
Here’s the video:

and the link to Youtube: