Inspirations from SUCCESS

success magazine

I have been subscribed to Success magazine for the past two years. I was introduced to the magazine 1 1/2 years ago by Real Estate Broker extraordinaire Caroline Salette at a We2 networking breakfast.  She recommended the magazine and the audio CD’s. I am so grateful and have gleaned so much information and inspiration from these magazines on topics of business and happiness.

On a recent road trip to Ottawa I was listening to an interview with renegade marketer Dan Kennedy. He and Darren Hardy spoke about a “Chakanah” package which is a sort of promotional package that you send to potential customers. I was intrigued by this idea and searched high an low on-line for some more information. When I came up empty-handed I emailed Success magazine and they shot back a response within minutes with a link to the article about the “Shock-and-Awe” package. Needless to say I was laughing-out-loud at my error! Here is the article and a little taste of what you can find in Success:




The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography

For years I have known that one of the keys to success on is to have great photos. Although my own photos are pretty basic, I have been lucky that our products have sold themselves due to their originality and personal touches. Recently I changed a few of our images on my listings. Our customers have been very generous in sending us photos of our toppers on their wedding cakes. This photo of our classic personalized tandem bicycle topper is a beauty. The image was captured by Tom Luongo at a Massachusetts wedding:
Since posting this photograph on my site it has been included in many Etsy Treasuries (collections of beautiful things that sellers put together to promote each other) and generated some great feedback. Many thanks to Hilary and Joe for sharing this photo from their special day.

Cabaret des Bons Voisins


“Food for Thought” talk by Karen Messier

Saturday and Sunday brunch.

Live music Friday and Saturday nights.

Buckwheat crepe with wild mushrooms…all local, organic & fair trade.

We are now proud members of our local co-operative café Le Cabaret des Bons Voisins. In the heart of the Pointe Claire Village (Montreal, QC) the ‘Co-op’ offers local products, live music Friday and Saturday nights, wall-space gallery for local artists, Saturday and Sunday brunch and interesting speakers on a variety of subjects.They also host many cultural events throughout the year. Members can host events in the space and get involved with Co-op planning and activities.